The sender element contains sender's information and its occurrence is not always mandatory in a file as sender's information can be predefined in Unifaun Online. If this is the case, only a referral is needed in order file, pointing to a sender's so called Quick ID value. This referral is done in the shipment element. In cases where there are several senders and when a static structure is not possible, the information about the sender must be supplied in the order file.

The sender element consists of <sender sndid="..."> where ... is to be replaced with an attribute of your choice with any data type and length. The element must end with </sender>. Values are supplied as <val n="value name"</val>. An index of valid values can be found in the Value reference guide. Partner (carrier) information must also be supplied in those cases senders are not predefined in Unifaun Online. This is done by a nested partner element with an attribute that specifies the carrier and the element's mandatory values. Index of valid partner attributes can be found in the Help > Code lists > Services menu in Unifaun Online.


<sender sndid="1">
    <val n="name">The Sender</val>
    <val n="address1">Testvägen 1</val>
    <val n="address2">Ingång C</val>
    <val n="zipcode">41118</val>
    <val n="city">GÖTEBORG</val>
    <val n="country">SE</val>
    <val n="contact">Sender's Contact</val>
    <val n="phone">031-000 00 00</val>
    <val n="email"></val>
    <val n="sms">0700-00 00 00</val>
    <partner parid="PLAB">
        <val n="custno">0123465782</val>