The party element contains a neutral party’s information and its occurrence is optional. The party element consists of <party ptyid="..."> where ...i s to be replaced with an attribute value of your choice with any data type and length. The element must end with </party>. Values are supplied as <val n="value name">...</val>. An index of valid values can be found in the Value reference guide. In cases where the shipment contains addon services that demand further information (e.g. other payer, which requires the party’s carrier customer number), the partner information must be supplied as well. This is done by a nested partner element with an attribute that specifies the carrier and the element's mandatory values. An index of valid partner attributes can be found in Help > Code lists > Services menu in Unifaun Online.


<party ptyid="Party_001">
    <val n="name">Freight Payer Company</val>
    <val n="address1">Freight Avenue 10</val>
    <val n="address2">5th floor</val>
    <val n="zipcode">41480</val>
    <val n="city">GÖTEBORG</val>
    <val n="country">SE</val>
    <val n="contact">Some person</val>
    <val n="phone">031-000 00 00</val>
    <val n="email"></val>
    <val n="sms">0700-00 00 00</val>