Run OnlineConnect

After installation, two shortcuts are created in the start menu, Administration of Unifaun OnlineConnect and Unifaun OnlineConnect.

OnlineConnect can be run either as a desktop application or as a Windows service.


Running the application in desktop mode requires that a user is logged in to the operating system console/desktop, while service mode does not.

OnlineConnect is designed as a server-side application and should be run accordingly, i.e. as a service. It is considered best practice to have a dedicated system user account that can be used for running the application as a service. The application settings are stored in the user’s home directory which means that the user making configuration changes and running the application should be the same.


  • The dedicated user account should be excluded from the password change policy.

  • The user should be a domain member, where applicable.

  • The user should be appointed local administrator.

  • Make sure that the user has access to necessary printers and network folders.