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Shipments is how you create shipments and print shipment documents as PDF or ZPL files. The resource also has methods and endpoints for history follow-up and shipment deletion, that is, preventing sending EDI message to carrier.


The REST API endpoints are only accessible via HTTPS and are located at

Before getting started you need to know your developer ID and create an API key.

Create a shipment

POST /shipments

Creates and prints a shipment.

Fetch shipments

GET /shipments

Fetch printed shipments.

Delete a shipment

DELETE /shipments/{shipmentId}

Deletes a printed shipment.

Fetch a list of shipment documents

GET /shipments/{shipmentId}/prints

Fetch a list of all PDF or ZPL documents for a shipment.

Fetch a shipment document

GET /shipments/{shipmentId}/prints/{printId}

Fetches a PDF or ZPL document for a shipment.


For schema and testing, please refer to

For description of properties, please refer to the Property reference guide.

For information about some crucial objects, please refer to REST API Objects.