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nShift Delivery Help Center

Shipment status

Retrieve status information for shipments.

GET /alerts

Fetches status information about shipments.


Max. 100 events are returned per call. If more events are available the done value in the result will be "false" and you should make another call to fetch the remaining events.

If calls are made too fast the minDelay value in the result will return how many milliseconds you have to wait before calling again. To avoid an uneven call rate, max. one (1) call per five (5) minutes is recommended.

Query parameters



The ID of the next batch of events to fetch. Save the fetchId returned by a previous call and use it as parameter value for the next call.

If a fetchId is not available, use the value -1 to make a call that will return a fetchId to use in a subsequent call.


For description of properties, please refer to the Property reference guide.

For schema and testing, please refer to and navigate to /alerts GET.