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Price via API


Price via API is an integration service for reduced shipping costs as well as simple follow-up of shipping costs.

You can compare the price from several different carriers before you book a shipment and you can verify against the carrier's invoice or calculating the price for onward invoicing of the shipping cost.

Price via API uses a REST API framework for communication, with JSON as data carrier.

With Price via API you can:

  • send price enquiries before booking a shipment

  • retrieve stored prices for follow-up.

The REST API endpoints are only accessible via HTTPS and are located at

Before getting started you need to know your developer ID and create an API key.

For schema and testing, please refer to

How it works

A price enquiry returns price information for a specific shipment before the shipment is booked. You are also provided with automatic price information for all shipments made.

The prices are based on your agreement with the carrier. Currently there is support for Bring, DB Schenker, DHL Express, DHL Freight, TNT and UPS.

For information about some crucial objects, please refer to REST API Objects.


Make price enquiries from your main system before creating and printing a shipment.

Fetch stored prices from nShift Delivery for follow-up.