nShift Delivery Help Center

Create an API key

  1. Log in to nShift Delivery.

  2. Go to Maintenance > API keys.

  3. Click New API key.

  4. Status should be "Enabled".

  5. Type should be set to "Web Services (REST)".

  6. Tips

    As you can create multiple API keys, use the Note field to specify what the API key is used for.

  7. Enter Valid IP addresses if the API key should only be used from certain IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.

  8. The Email field is not used at this time.

  9. Enter your developer ID.


    Normally, the developer ID is your account user ID. But if you have, or are, an ERP, webshop provider or other third party that will post data into the account, it is the user ID of the provider's account.

  10. Click Finish.

    The system will automatically generate the key consisting of an ID, a secret ID and a combined ID.

    It's the ID and the secret ID that you use to authenticate towards the REST API framework.