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Consolidated shipment


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With consolidated shipment you can register multiple parcels in one shipment and by that reduce transport costs and simplify tracking.

For using consolidated shipment through APIConnect, please refer to the REST API documentation. For OnlineConnect, please refer to the XML file specification.


Availability of consolidated shipment may vary by carrier and service. Please refer to Help > Code lists > "Services (ERP-connection XML)".

Consolidated shipment - Standard printing

  1. Go to Shipments > Standard printing and enter your shipment details.

  2. In the Options section, check the Consolidate box.


    Consolidation key is primarily used with OrderConnect. It is an identifier when creating new consolidated shipments or adding parcels to open consolidated shipments. Using it in the GUI is optional as you can identify shipments anyway.

  3. Complete the shipment and click Print.


    Only parcel labels are printed at this time. No waybills, customs declaration documents or dangerous goods declaration are printed.

    The parcel labels will not contain total weight or parcel numbering, since it is unknown how many parcels the shipment will have and what the total weight will be.

The first parcel of the consolidated shipment is printed and the shipment has the status “Open”. You can add and remove parcels in the shipment as long as it is open.

Consolidated shipment - Printing favorites

  1. Go to Maintenance > Printing favorites.

  2. Click New printing favorite, or Search followed by UO_Edit_icon_old.gif to the left of an existing printing favorite.

  3. For a new printing favorite, enter details as instructed for printing favorites.

  4. For both new and existing printing favorites, go to the Service and addons section and click Change.

  5. Scroll down to the Options section and check the Consolidate box.

    You can specify whether the information should be hidden or locked.

  6. Go to Shipments > Printing favorites to use the printing favorite.

You can add consolidated shipment to an existing printing favorite for a single shipment.

  1. Go to Shipments > Printing favorites.

  2. Select printing favorite by clicking UO_Run_icon.gif.

  3. On the page Print - shipment and addons, in the Options section, select Consolidate.

    The setting is not saved in the printing favorite.

Managing shipments

You can add or remove parcels in an open shipment. When the shipment is ready to be sent you have to close the shipment.


Open shipments are only visible in Shipments > Consolidated shipment and will remain there until closed, or for a maximum of 30 days.

Add or remove parcels in an open shipment

  1. Go to Shipments > Consolidated shipment and click Search.

    Open shipments are shown in the results list.

  2. Click UO_Edit_icon_old.gif.


    Only the Parcels section is available for editing as changing anything else requires a reprint of labels.

    You can:

    • View parcels and their assigned parcel IDs.

    • Add parcels by clicking Add.

    • Delete parcels by clicking UO_Delete_icon_old.gif.

    If you have different types of parcels, for example, 2 parcels of 3 kg each and 1 parcel of 4 kg, you must enter the types separately.


    Set No. of parcels to "2" and Weight (kg) to "3". Click Add.

    Set No. of parcels to "1" and Weight (kg) to "4". Click Add.

    You can choose to specify parcel information per parcel or per row. All parcels in a shipment must be specified in the same way.

    • "Specified per parcel" – the weight and/or the volume are calculated per parcel (2 parcels and 3 kg equals 6 kg).

    • "Specified per row" – the weight and/or the volume is the total for the parcels (2 parcels and 3 kg equals 3 kg).


    2 parcels and 3 kg, and 1 parcel and 4 kg, specified per parcel is 3 + 3 + 4 = 10

    2 parcels and 3 kg, and 1 parcel and 4 kg, specified per row is 3 + 4 = 7

    The information in the Freight measure section depends on your agreement with the carrier. Carriers use different values and calculation methods.

  3. Click Store or Print.

    If you choose Store, the parcel is stored for later printing but still belongs to the shipment. The shipment, and thus the parcel, remain in the Consolidated shipment view and not in the Stored printings view. If you choose Print, the system prints labels for added parcels.

Close a shipment

  1. Go to Shipments > Consolidated shipment and click Search.

  2. Click Close and print to close selected shipments or click Close and print all to close all shipments that match the search criteria.

    Now waybills, customs declaration documents and dangerous goods declaration are printed.

When closed, the shipment appears in History > Shipments.