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Neutral carriers


Subscription plans

You can create neutral labels for carriers without specific requirements.

Neutral carriers are listed among the other services you can choose from when printing your shipments.

Add a neutral carrier

  1. Go to Maintenance > Neutral carrier.

  2. Click New neutral carrier.

  3. Enter basic information about the carrier.

    Type - "Parcel" (a label is created) or "Goods" (both label and waybill are created, and you can add extra label information).

    Subid - A key value (service code) to identify the neutral carrier when using OrderConnect.

    Example: <service srvid="FREE_12345" />

  4. Check the Send booking email box to book pickup.

    In the Email receiver field, enter the email address to the carrier’s booking department that you received from the carrier. Enter your email address in the Email address (copy) field if you want a copy of the booking.

  5. Enter address information if you want the carrier’s address printed on the CMR waybill.

If you want to show, edit or delete a neutral carrier, use the search function.