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nShift Delivery Help Center

Shipment status

Shipment status, initiated by carriers, that is related to the actual delivery are available for most carriers.


Most major carriers send status events automatically but for some carriers you must request status reporting to be activated. Some carriers don't offer status reporting at all.

Status events in Delivery
  • Printed

  • Dispatched

  • Out for delivery

  • Arrived at pickup point

  • Delivered

  • Partly delivered

  • Returned

  • Cancelled


Shipment status is a prerequisite to get delivery time reports.

A delivery time report helps you to get better control of your shipments and to actively work on shortening lead times.

Activate status reporting

  1. Go to Maintenance > My account and click Enable status reporting.

  2. Select the customer numbers for which status reporting should be activated.


It can take a few days before status events are updated.

Search for shipment status

  1. Go to History > Shipments.

  2. Use the search function to search for shipments.


    Check the Status box and select which statuses to search for to filter out shipments with a certain status.

  3. In the Presentation section, there are two ways of presenting the results.

    • Mark the DEL_Search_tab-en.png tab to create a list in compact, standard or verbose mode.

    • Mark the DEL_Report_tab-en.png tab to create one of the predefined reports.

  4. Click Print or Print PDF to print the list/report directly.

    Click Export to export the list/report to a text file or Microsoft Excel.