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Shipment history


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Shipment history in nShift Delivery consists of created (printed) shipments. The history data is available for six (6) months. If you need information older than that you can search for single shipments or order extracts from the shipment archive. The shipment archive holds records up to five (5) years.

Search for shipments

  1. Go to History > Shipments.

  2. Use the search function to search for shipments.

  3. In the Presentation section, there are two ways of presenting the results.

    • Mark the UO_Search-en.gif tab to create a list.

    • Mark the UO_Report-en.gif tab to create one of the predefined reports.

    Lists and reports can be printed or exported to a text editor or Microsoft Excel.

  4. You can look at shipment details by clicking UO_Show_icon.gif next to a shipment row.

    Parcels that are included in the shipment are listed at the bottom as separate rows. If the carrier supports tracking you can see the status of the parcel by clicking UO_Show_icon.gif next to a parcel row.

History extract

  1. Go to History > Shipments.

  2. Click Shipment archive.

  3. Search for a single shipment or order an extract.

    • Use an exact search value, for example, a complete shipment number, to search for a single shipment. It is free of charge.

    • Click Order extract. An extract period covers 18 months max., and is charged as shown in nShift Delivery.

      The extract is created by night and you can delete the order any time before that.

      When the extract is created, click Executed orders and UO_Show_icon.gif to get the results. The files are saved for one (1) month.