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Price review


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Price review provides you with price information for shipments you've created. Prices are saved in the history and you can create price reports for statistical monitoring.

The price enquiry is made within 15 minutes after the shipment has been printed. The result is stored in the data base and you can follow up on price enquiries on the Shipment history page.

In the price report you will see the chargeable weight and the price returned from the price enquiry.

Create a price report

  1. Go to History > Shipments.

  2. Enter search values to find the shipments you want to include.

  3. Check the Price enquiry box if you want to include an additional charge to the results.


    If you enter both amount and percentage, the amount is added first and then the percentage is calculated.

  4. In the Presentation section, select the DEL_Report_tab-en.png tab.

  5. Select "Price report" as Type and select Sort order.

  6. Click Search to view the list in the GUI.

    Click Print or Print PDF to print the list/report directly.

    Click Export to export the list/report to a text file or Microsoft Excel.

If you often use the same search values for your reports, you can create a search favorite.