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Scheduled shipment report


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You can generate reports with your shipment history based on the criteria you specify, for example, service and status. The report can be generated every day, week or month.

Create scheduled shipment reports

  1. Go to Maintenance > Reports.

  2. Click New report.

  3. If you don't want the report to be activated immediately, check the Disabled check box.

  4. In the Scheduling section, you specify how often the report should be generated.

    “Day”, "Week" or "Month" means that the report will include shipments from the previous day, week or month.

  5. In the Basic Information section, you select file format and date type, that is, printing date, shipping date or the date of the latest status update.

  6. Check the columns you want to include in the report.

  7. You can specify selection criteria for the report by clicking Change selection criteria in the Filter section. For instance, you can choose to include shipments to a specific receiver or shipments sent with a specific service.


    "Date" is not a valid selection criterion since scheduled shipment reports are based on the previous day, week or month. Date can be used to test the scheduled shipment report by clicking Search when the criteria are selected.

If you want to show, edit or delete a shipment report, use the search function.

Get a scheduled shipment report

The scheduled shipment reports are generated at night. Reports can be retrieved in the nShift Delivery GUI or through a web service.

  • nShift Delivery GUI

    1. Go to Maintenance > Reports and use the search function.

    2. Go to the details page for the report by clicking DEL_Show_icon.png. In the History section, click DEL_Run_icon.png next to the report date.

  • Web service

    Please refer to Fetch files with HTTP.


All reports are available for one (1) month and are then deleted.