nShift Delivery Help Center

Batch printing

Use batch printing for printing many shipments containing the same shipping information to different receivers.

Use batch printing

  1. Go to Shipments > Standard printing.

  2. Click Batch print.

  3. Select service in the Service section.

  4. On the next page you can enter Number of copies.


    Number of copies may increase the number of labels significantly.


    • One shipment with one parcel to 100 receivers generates 100 labels.

    • One shipment with three parcels to 100 receivers generates 300 labels.

    • One shipment with three parcels to 100 receivers in two copies generates 600 labels.

  5. Search for receivers using e.g. category, country code, city, zip code.

    • Click Add all to add all receivers from the search result.

    • Alternatively, check the receivers you want to add and click Add checked.


    You can search several times and add receivers in turns.

  6. Select additional services and other shipment related information.

  7. When you click Print you will see a progress bar as the system validates all shipments before printing.


    Do not navigate away from this page.

  8. When the validation is finished, click Continue to start printing.