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nShift Delivery Help Center

Print and book

  • Address book

    Create and maintain your address book manually, via API or by file import.

  • Standard printing

    Manually add shipment details to print labels and other shipping documents.

  • Batch printing

    Print several shipments with the same shipping information for different receivers.

  • Printing favorites

    Create printing favorites to print labels and other shipping documents in a more efficient way.

    Printing favorites can also be used to complete shipments created through integration.

  • Stored printings

    Prepare shipments and store them for later printing.

  • Shipment lists

    Create shipment lists or manifests.

  • Email pre-notification

    Send advance information to your customer about a shipment.

  • Link to print

    Send a link to the shipping document for printing at any given time.

  • Consolidated shipment

    Register multiple parcels in one shipment.

  • Item directory

    Add item information to your parcels and shipments.

  • Price enquiry

    Calculate price for shipments.