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Branded Track and Trace


Branded Track and Trace allows your customers to track shipments and get detailed information about them from your branded tracking page, regardless of carrier.

You do not need the carriers’ shipment and parcel numbers since you use your own order number or reference as search parameters.

You brand your tracking page by adding your logo or other types of messages that you want to display in the header and/or footer on the tracking page.

After a shipment is created, that is, is assigned a shipment and/or parcel number, it is immediately trackable through your Branded Track and Trace page.


Branded Track and Trace works best for carriers and transport services that offer status and event reporting. Status availability may therefore vary.

Activate Track and Trace

  1. Go to Maintenance > My Account.

  2. Click Integrity settings.


    Read the disclaimer before activating the service.

  3. Check the Active check box.

You can activate or deactivate the service at any time.

Create a template for Branded Track and Trace

  1. Go to Maintenance > Notification templates.

  2. Click New Track and Trace template.

  3. You can upload two images, one header and one footer. The recommended image size is 950 x 150 pixels. Maximum file size is 100 kB.

  4. When the template is created, a unique template ID is generated that should be used when implementing Branded Track and Trace.

    Example: 459cbeb8-6a35-4e6f-a0ee-bb223b6858c6

Click Preview to see what the tracking page looks like.



If you want to show, edit or delete a Track and Trace template, use the search function.

Implement Branded Track and Trace

After you have activated Track and Trace and created a branded template, the Branded Track and Trace page is accessed through a URL.

  • You can use either nShift Delivery user ID or an API key ID as credentials.


    To use an API key you need to activate one of nShift's integration services on your account.

  • You can use either reference or order number as search parameters.

  • You use a template ID to identify the branded template you want to use.

Example with user ID, reference and template ID:<your user ID>&reference=<your reference>&templateId=<your template ID>
  • Replace yy with a language code, for example "gb".

  • Replace <your user ID> with your nShift Delivery user ID, for example "0000000001".

  • Replace <your reference> with the reference information for the shipment, for example "001".

  • Replace <your template ID> with a unique template ID, for example "5fc6bd56-5b25-445f-b0e5-9748ff43c068".

Example with API key ID, order number and template ID:<your API key ID>&order=<your order number>&templateId=<your template id>
  • Replace yy with a language code, for example "gb".

  • Replace <your API key ID> with your API key ID, for example "JEABXK1VECV7US2O".

  • Replace <your order number> with the order number for the shipment, for example "12345678".

  • Replace <your template ID> with a unique template ID, for example "5fc6bd56-5b25-445f-b0e5-9748ff43c068".
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