Create a delivery checkout


Before you begin, make sure you have at least one sender in your address book. Please refer to Add a new sender in the GUI, Address book via API or Import address book.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Delivery checkout.

  2. Click New delivery checkout.

    The delivery checkout is assigned a unique Delivery checkout ID.

  3. The name and description you give the delivery checkout, e.g. "UK Checkout", is for internal use only.

  4. Select a Default sender to automatically get e.g. log in information and customer number.

  5. Check the Use the carriers' weight limits box if you want to use the carriers' limits for automatic weight validation.

  6. Template should be set to “Klarna Light”., .

  7. Click Add.

  8. Select a language in the Language field.

  9. Select a currency in the Currency field.

  10. Add extra data fields, if applicable.

  11. Click New option in the Delivery options section.

Delivery options

  1. The name you give the delivery option, e.g. "Home", is for internal use only.

  2. Check the Disabled box if you don't want the delivery option to be used immediately.


    You can change the "Disabled" status at any time, e.g. if there is a temporary problem with a carrier's service or if you only want to include this option at a certain time of year.

  3. Select a service, in the Service section.

  4. Click Add service.

    If the service has agents/pickup points you can decide which and how many agents to show using geolocation.

    The distance to the nearest agents is calculated for every zip code. For example, "20" means that agents within a radius of 20 km from a defined GPS coordinate are shown.

    Geolocation can only be used in Belgium (BE), Denmark (DK), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), Germany (DE), Luxembourg (LU), the Netherlands (NL), Norway (NO), Sweden (SE) and Åland (AX).

    1. Enter a value in the Maximum radius (km) field if you want to show agents based on geolocation, otherwise it should be set to "0".

    2. With Maximum number of agents you can limit the number of agents that is shown based on geolocation. Max. 15 agents.

  5. Click New or Free Delivery in the Prices section to enter the service cost.

    1. If New, enter the price to be displayed, e.g. "€ 7", in English (en) and the price as a numerical value, e.g. "7.0", in Price.

      If Free delivery, enter the text to be displayed, e.g. "Free", in English (en) and the cart value from which the delivery should be free, e.g. "39.0", in Limit for free delivery.

    2. In the Addons section, click UO_Edit_icon_old.gif to the left of an addon you want to activate or edit.

      1. Check Preselected, Mandatory or both if the addon should be preselected and/or mandatory in the webshop.

      2. Click New in the Prices section to enter prices for the addon.

        1. In the Currency section, enter the price to be displayed, e.g. "€ 7", in English (en) and the price as a numerical value, e.g. "7.0", in Price.


      If you click OK when leaving the Edit addon page the addon is activated even if you have not entered any information.

  6. In the Delivery interval section, you can specify within how many days the delivery will take place at the earliest and latest respectively.


    Earliest delivery (business days): 1

    Latest delivery (business days): 3

    The parcel will be delivered within 1 to 3 days.

  7. Click New in the Fields for titles section if you want add a title that should be used under certain conditions.

    1. In the Language section, enter a title in the languages you defined earlier.

  8. Click New in the Captions for field 1 section to add texts. Relevant text/information depends on your webshop set-up.

    1. In the Language section, enter the text in the languages you defined earlier, e.g. ”Relevant text” in the English (en) field.

To add more delivery options for the delivery checkout, click New option on the New delivery checkout page and follow the steps above.

Click Test to see how the delivery options will be displayed in the webshop depending on which parameters you enter.


"tocity" and "tozipcode" are always mandatory but for some carriers other parameters may be required as well.






Currency code



Language code



Receiver country



Receiver zip code



Receiver address



Receiver city



Receiver state



Receiver mobile phone number



Receiver email address



Receiver door code


Decimal number

Shipment weight

Supplied as 0.0


Decimal number

Minimum parcel weight for carriers' weight limits

Supplied as 0.0


Decimal number

Maximum parcel weight for carriers' weight limits

Supplied as 0.0


Decimal number

Total amount in the shopping cart

Supplied as 0.0



Receiver's time zone



Sender's time zone


Date and time

Timestamp for an order, e.g. for valid price at a certain date and time

To show, edit or delete a delivery checkout, use the search function.