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Profile management and printing favorites

You can create a printing favorite that all profiles in a profile group can use, instead of creating separate printing favorites for each profile.

For example it can be useful if you have several different stores that have the same rights and access to information, but ship from different senders.


The senders must have quick IDs, which are used to assign the right sender to each profile.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Printing favorites.

  2. Click New printing favorite.

  3. Click Change in the Senders and receivers section.

  4. Select Default value from settings from the dropdown menu in the Default sender field in the Sender section.

  5. Check the Locked check box to prevent using the wrong sender.

  6. Go to Maintenance > Profiles.

  7. Search for the profile and click DEL_Show_icon.png to the left of the profile.

  8. Click Settings.

  9. Click Change in the Misc settings section.

  10. Enter the senders's quick ID in the Sender field.