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Stored-shipments is how you store shipments that don't require immediate printing. Stored shipments can be printed either via the API or manually from the nShift Delivery interface.


The REST API endpoints are only accessible via HTTPS and are located at

Before getting started you need to know your developer ID and create an API key.

Create and store a shipment

POST /stored-shipments

Creates a shipment and stores it for later printing.

Fetch stored shipments

GET /stored-shipments

Fetch a list of stored shipments.

Delete a stored shipment

DELETE /stored-shipments/{storedId}

Deletes a stored shipment.

Create a shipment from a stored shipment

POST /stored-shipments/{storedId}/shipments

Creates and prints a shipment from a stored shipment. Creates more shipments if the stored shipment represents a combined normal and return shipment.


For schema and testing, please refer to

For description of properties, please refer to the Property reference guide.

For information about some crucial objects, please refer to REST API Objects.