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nShift Delivery Help Center

New carrier

If you have agreements with other carriers than the ones you use in Delivery today, you can add them in the webshop. With a few clicks, you can start shipping with all your carriers from one place.

  1. Go to the webshop from the quick link menu to the right or from the upper top menu.

  2. Select Add more carriers.

  3. Search for the carrier you wish to add.

  4. Click View.

  5. Click To the application page.

  6. Fill in the required text fields (*).


    Make sure to enter a relevant contact person so you don't risk missing out on important information.

    Contact the carrier if you're unsure which customer number to use.

  7. Read and approve nShift's general terms and conditions.

  8. Click Order.

You will receive an email when the order is handled, usually the same day.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Senders.

  2. Select New sender or use the search function to find your sender.


    If you have more than one sender you have to add the carrier on all senders.

  3. Go to the Carriers section.

  4. Click DEL_AddCarrier_button-en.png.

  5. Select a carrier from the Carrier dropdown menu.

  6. Enter your carrier customer number in the CustNo field.


    Contact the carrier if you're unsure which customer number to use.

  7. Enter other carrier information, if relevant or requested by the carrier.

  8. Click Save.