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nShift Insurance


Subscription plans

nShift and Cover Genius have partnered, making it possible for you to insure your shipments.

If you activate the nShift Insurance option on your account you can insure your shipments during the shipment booking process.

The shipment is insured as soon as the label is printed.

If an accident occurs you can make your claim directly from nShift Delivery.


If you've added the insurance option to your shipment, you will receive a separate invoice from nShift for the insurance fee.

Premium calculation

The percentage excl. taxes depends on the sender and receiver countries of the shipment.

  • 0.7 % for domestic shipments

  • 1.0 % for EU shipments

  • 1.1 % for shipments outside EU

Taxes vary by country where the policy holder is located and are calculated on top of the premium percentage.

  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden: no insurance tax

  • Finland: 24 % (for domestic only)

  • United Kingdom: 12 %