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Addresses is how you synchronize your address book with your cloud-based CRM or ERP system, letting you manage and update your address book in one place.


The REST API endpoints are only accessible via HTTPS and are located at

Before getting started you need to know your developer ID and create an API key.

Create a sender

POST /addresses/senders

Creates a new sender in the address book.

Fetch sender information

GET addresses/senders

Fetches information about senders from the address book.

Update a sender


Updates information on a sender.

Replace a sender


Updates a sender by replacing it.

Delete a sender

DELETE /addresses/senders/{senderId}

Deletes a sender.

Create a receiver

POST /addresses/receivers

Creates a new receiver in the address book.

Fetch receiver information

GET addresses/receivers

Fetches information about receivers from the address book.

Update a receiver


Updates information on a receiver.

Replace a receiver


Updates a receiver by replacing it.

Delete a receiver

DELETE /addresses/receivers/{receiverId}

Deletes a receiver.


For schema and testing, please refer to

For description of properties, please refer to the Property reference guide.

For information about some crucial objects, please refer to REST API Objects.