Unifaun DeliveryCheckout

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout

Using Unifaun DeliveryCheckout you can present accurate and relevant delivery options in your webshop, as well as customize shipping experience for your customer.

Getting started

Set up Unifaun DeliveryCheckout:

  • Configure the delivery checkout structure according to your needs using the Unifaun standard template entering the relevant information, e.g. services, prices, and agents.

  • Integrate your webshop using REST API.

  • Create the graphical interface of your checkout using Unifaun's widget or your own solution.

There is a variety of possibilities for you to create flexible and personalized delivery options for your customers, for example:

  • Use different languages and currencies.

  • Set up conditions by using parameters, e.g. weight limitations, cart price and destination.

  • Add custom addons, i.e. additional services not connected to a carrier, e.g. 'Gift wrapping'.

  • Add custom agents, e.g. your own physical shops.

  • Add extra data fields, e.g. door code and contact information.

  • Connect delivery checkouts to profile groups by using profile management. Mainly used if the delivery checkout set-up is hosted by a 3PL.

The delivery options are always validated using zip codes provided by the carrier. For some carriers you may have to upload zip code lists yourself. Please refer to Condition lists.


To get the most out of the solution, it is important to consider your requirements from the very beginning.

The starting point is always the practice that is or should be established within the company or organization.

You should take into account how many webshops you have, in which countries you operate and which languages and currencies to support.

Also consider which transport services to support in different markets, under which circumstances and for which deliveries they should be available.

Checkout flow